Deep Learning Specialist (Jupyter / Python)

Location : Cochin

Job Schedule : Full Time

Posting Date : 25/10/2022

Job Code : BEO-2888

Job Description


  • Create a jupyter notebook specifically for google collaboration to efficiently train Yolo darknet models
  • Notebooks should create loss curves to show and update while training
  • Knowledge in data augmentation for improving the AP
  • Other deep learning methods 
  • Programming in python with OpenCV library 
  • Create easy to use tools to extract image coordinates by clicking on a point in an image with a mouse and saving coordinates in a text file (can be any programming language)

Desired Candidate Profile

Experience: 3 plus years

  • Experience in training deep learning models and methods to improve the average precision
  • Specifically training Yolo darknet models is required
  • Familiar with data augmentation 
  • Experience with Cloud computing and using Jupyter Notebooks 
  • Experienced in programming with Python
  • Good English communication skills

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