Senior Middle Fullstack Developer - PHP/Laravel & Vue.js

Location : Cochin

Employment Type : Full Time

Work Mode : Hybrid

Experience : 3-8 yrs

Job Code : BEO-3516

Posted Date : 26/04/2023

Job Description


We are seeking an experienced and talented Middle Fullstack Developer to join our development team. The ideal candidate should possess a strong background in PHP 8.1, Laravel 8-10, and Vue.js, with a minimum of 3 years of experience working with both Laravel and Vue.js.

● Develop, maintain, and enhance products.

● Collaborate with the development team and stakeholders to understand requirements 

and deliver effective, high-quality solutions.

● Optimize database queries and improve overall application performance and 


● Integrate and work with various APIs securely and efficiently.

● Address legacy code issues and contribute to the migration process towards Laravel (if applicable).

● Implement frontend development best practices, ensuring a seamless and engaging 

user experience.

● Continuously contribute to the improvement of development processes and tools

Desired Candidate Profile

Mandatory Requirements:

● Proficient in modern PHP development, including types, modern syntax, and best 


● Solid experience with Laravel 8-10 framework, and a comprehensive understanding 

of its lifecycle.

● Strong frontend development skills, including expertise in JS, TypeScript, and Vue.js 

(or other component-based frameworks like React).

● In-depth knowledge of SQL, with the ability to write complex queries and optimize 

database performance.

Nice to Have:

● Experience working with legacy code and migrating parts of the project to Laravel.

● Familiarity with CSS, SASS, JQuery, Composition API, and Webpack.

● Experience with Laravel queues.

● Knowledge of MariaDB 10.3, including the ability to understand indexes and measure 

query performance.

● Familiarity with Docker for local development environments and Git for version 

control and collaboration.

● Extensive experience working with APIs and excellent communication, teamwork, 

and collaboration skills.

● Prior experience working with travel-related products, such as booking platforms like Airbnb or similar.


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