Technology Services


Our main fields are web based applications. We always use the top of the range technologies and tools to develop our applications. We do not believe in any secrecies and hiding of technologies.

Application Development

We are committed to provide premium services to Corporates by serving them with our state-of-the art software products. Our expertise are in creating applications with phenomenal user interface requirements, that have significant real-time performance constraints and that require efficient access to large quantities of data. We use best in industry tools and technologies to develop applications and services. Our highly professional developers, designers, architects and analysts share a common passion - they are driven to turning challenging tasks into simple solutions. Our highest quality services are driven by the customer's comfort, cost benefits and confidentiality and security issues. We are always in research to betterment our client support by all the possible means

Application Maintenance

We are devoted to customer satisfaction and committed to positive relationships with every company and individual with whom we do business. We strive to understand your interests and concerns, and treat you with respect, courtesy and consideration

Application Testing

At first glance, testing appears to be a purely routine task. However the tester has a lot of responsibility ? the expected quality of a service or product is only confirmed by testing. An experienced and methodical partner can help to keep time and costs under control and in keeping with the desired level of quality. We have a dedidaced ready-to-work ,talented ,cooperative Testing team which tests all the aspects of a software \solution. We try to meet the requirements and ensure that all the objectives are met with deadlines there by ensuring overall \quality. We designs automated test scripts and deploys these scripts using automation software like sahi(web automation toool),Jmeter(Load testing tool) and Jenkins(Continous Integration tool).