BEO Software has a team of skilled professionals who identify problems, create workarounds, implement changes and provide ongoing support to enterprises on-site and off-site.

BEO has developed a strategy for cost-effective management of software maintenance projects which takes into consideration various factors such as the age of the system, volume of input and output data, nature of the application, the programming platform used for its development, and the degree of complexity in its structure or modularity. The maintenance services that BEO provides include:

  • Corrective maintenance involving modification of software systems post-implementation to rectify discovered defects. 
  • Adaptive Maintenance ensures the continued usability of a system in a changing environment. 
  • Perfective Maintenance involves the modification of a software system to improve performance or maintainability.
  • Preventive Maintenance which covers various activities carried out to keep applications up and running, and includes maintaining artifacts and settings, deleting redundant files, database tuning, backing up data, freeing storage space, checking error logs and event logs, verifying CPU, memory and bandwidth utilization etc.

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