BEO Software believes that commitment is the cornerstone of success – the commitment to clients, to timelines, to budgets and to delivering solutions that exceed client expectations.

BEO Software is committed to delivering solutions and services that meet clients’ end requirements within the estimated time and budget parameters. BEO Software believes only teamwork can ensure this. Teamwork requires absolute commitment from every individual player. It’s the commitment that facilitates the planning and coordination of multiple players. One of the factors that BEO lays great stress on while onboarding new employees are their sense of commitment. BEO creates the ideal work environment and provides the necessary motivation to keep employees totally committed to the Company and to the work at hand.



Client focused, employee centric, innovative and fleet-footed 

BEO’s Engineers work hand in hand with clients and create iterative and incremental models based on use cases and business rules to arrive at a model that is uniquely suited to the individual organisation.



BEO Software is a company that believes slow and steady wins the race.

BEO GmbH was founded in 1987 at Endingen am Kaiserstuhl near Freiburg in southwest Germany. BEO Software is a spin-off from the parent company. It started in 2002 with a three-member team with a small office set up in the IT Mission premises in Kochi, Kerala under the name of CS Techno.

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