BEO is very choosey when it comes to the selection of resources. We believe it’s the quality of the resources who work with us that matters more than the number. Each employee is handpicked after meticulously assessing their technical, communication and interpersonal skills. Described below are the major tasks involved in the recruitment process. 
Updating the Resume Bank

BEO regularly receives resumes from candidates aspiring to join the company. These resumes are sorted, categorized, and moved to a resume bank with annotations highlighting Education, Previous Employment, Area of Specialization, Background Check Details, Address Proof, etc. All resumes received are catalogued this way, even if they do not relate to current openings or to technology streams that BEO is currently involved in.

Scheduling Interviews

As requirements arise, the resumes of suitable candidates are selected and submitted to the client for review and recommendation. Candidates who pass the review are shortlisted for an interview. A time that is suitable for the client, as well as the candidate, is agreed upon, and both parties are intimated about the date and time.

Conducting Interviews

There will be multiple rounds of interviews before a candidate is selected. These will include Pre-Assessment, Aptitude Test, Technical Interview, Machine Test and Personal Interview with relevant Project Managers and the client. Offer Letters are sent to candidates who have successfully completed the interview. The Offer Letter will include details about the remuneration package, expected date of joining, terms of employment, eligible benefits etc. The candidate will have to respond to the Offer Letter within five days, indicating his willingness to join the company.

Background Check

Concurrently, BEO will conduct a background check, which will cover previous employment, education, and whether the candidate has been convicted under any civil or criminal law. These background checks will be carried out by a third party contracted for the purpose. The feedback from the agency is colour coded, with Green indicating that the candidate can be on-boarded, Red indicating that the candidate is not recommended, and Yellow indicating that the agency, for whatever reason, was unable to verify the candidate’s background. 


At the time of onboarding, the candidate will have to fill and sign various Forms required by the company, including a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The candidate will also have to submit copies of education certificates, address proof, and three recent passport-sized photographs. After onboarding, a formal letter will be sent to all employees of the company introducing the newly joined candidate.

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