BEO’s core strength is in developing software for the Logistics Sector for which it has developed a master solution with multiple plug-ins that can be used by various types of industries. Whatever industry you are in, be it automobiles, pharmaceuticals, shipping and transportation, construction or any type of manufacturing, chances are that you can leverage BEO’s expertise to achieve greater operational efficiencies and increased profit margins.

The Logistics industry is at the core of the global supply chain and is constantly evolving to keep pace with the increasing customer demand for cost-effective solutions to enhance productivity, track product movement, optimize resource utilization and manage inventory, all of which have become critical aspects of their businesses.
BEO Software has in-depth domain expertise and experience to meet the logistics requirements of companies by offering end-to-end solutions and services that facilitate real-time information flow. This enables business owners to take well-informed decisions and act faster, resulting in improved operational efficiencies, higher margins and enhanced customer experiences.
The plug-ins developed by BEO can be used by companies to manage their imports and exports. Most countries have certain items, the import of which is banned. This could be raw materials used in the pharma industry, components used in the automotive sector or whatever. Most countries also have entities, export to which is prohibited. The tax regime followed in various countries also differs.
Raw materials used in the manufacture of various products are often sourced from other countries. Trade with some of these countries may be banned, and finished goods manufactured using components from such countries may not be allowed entry. Customs departments in most countries have clearly defined policies regarding what can be imported and from what countries and what is tax structure to be applied for imports from different countries.
BEO’s software seamlessly integrates with clients’ CRM systems to automatically pull all necessary information relating to target country customers, and components used in the manufacture and compares this data with the master data to ensure compliance with the sanctions put in place by various countries.
BEO also has data on all major courier services. This will help organizations to find the cheapest and fastest service provider to move goods from one location to another.

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