BEO Software is a great place to work. Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our employees have to say about their workplace.

17 Years of Growth, Success, and Belonging: My Journey with BEO Software

Join me on a remarkable career journey with BEO Software, where comfort, freedom, and unwavering support from management have fostered my 17-year commitment. Gain insights from significant experience and knowledge in software development and technology, through diverse projects, collaborations, and contributions to the company's success. Witness industry changes and adaptability through new skills and techniques. Reflect on the importance of aligning career goals with organizational values. Discover the personal aspects that bind employees to BEO, including mutual trust, friendship, a homely atmosphere, charitable efforts, and support for cultural and sporting events. Experience the unique sense of belonging that keeps employees here for over a decade.

Nair Vinod Kumar Sivaraman | Project Manager

Join BEO, gain experience in a supportive, family-like environment with opportunities for growth.

As a Senior ODOO Developer, the experience of working at BEO has been nothing short of amazing for me. The friendly and supportive environment, coupled with the family-like culture, has made it one of my favourite companies to work for.

Rajasree R | Senior Odoo Developer

A great place to work with high satisfaction and work-life balance.

Returning to BEO was an easy choice for me as it boasts a positive work environment, high employee satisfaction, and a commitment to recognition and growth opportunities. BEO prioritises work-life balance and has infrastructure and colleague relationships that exceed industry standards. With a culture of integrity and ethical practices, it truly feels like coming home.

Antony George | Senior Test Engineer

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