For BEO, Software Testing is not merely about finding and reporting bugs but about enhancing quality, improving performance, reducing costs, cutting turnaround times and mitigating risks.

Test Engineers at BEO step into the shoes of the client, looking at testing from an end-user perspective. Their policy is ‘If it isn’t the best, it isn’t good enough, and approach testing with a ‘test to break attitude. They ensure that applications are user-friendly and that they fully meet functional requirements. Adhering to industry standard methodologies, processes and quality management practices, they systematically monitor and evaluate various aspects of products under development to ensure quality standards are met. They are equally adept at automated and manual testing methods and well-versed in the use of various testing tools. The following are the common tests that they perform:.

  • White Box Testing to check the internal logic of an application’s code. 
  • Black Box Testing to ensure the application’s functionalities meet the client’s requirements.
  • Integration Testing to ensure various modules of an application integrate seamlessly.
  • Load Testing to check whether performance deteriorates under unusually heavy loads.
  • Regression Testing to ensure modifications made to enhance one aspect of an application do not negatively impact other aspects of the application. 

When our testing engineers are through with an application, companies can be sure they have a reliable product in hand.

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