Car finder


Huge Business fairs and events are quite common which gives an opportunity to bring individual customers and dealers in touch with the manufacturers under one roof, and such fairs as we already know can be scheduled to happen anywhere. This Client who specializes in organizing such fairs and events has all the tools both website and mobile application necessary to conduct the fairs which are as follows.

  1. Announce upcoming events
  2. For Manufactures to register for the fair/events
  3. Manufactures to Book stalls and scheduled events
  4. Customers/Dealers to register for the fair/event
  5. Display Customers/Dealers about the stalls and their products.
  6. Set preferences for Customers/Dealers of their interest related to products in the Fair.
  7. Provide feedback related to the fair/events. 
The mobile application is a bit more featured to even inform the Customers/Dealers about the available stalls in the fair pertaining to their products of interest so that they concentrate on those stalls. 

Problem Area:

For persons (customers, delegates, manufacturers) or for that matter in fact anybody visiting the fairs, the parking area in many cases are huge open grounds, they park their vehicles wherever they find availability and proceed to the fair or event. On their return in all possibilities, many times they fail to find their vehicle in the open space because of the sheer number of vehicles parked or they don’t remember the spot and they go in a searching frenzy to find their vehicle. As a goodwill gesture, the client wants to address this issue and come up with a solution so that anybody attending the fair can find the parking spot of their vehicle.

Proposed Solution:

The solution that was put forward was introducing a Car-finder functionality into the already existing fair mobile app.

The feature is provided in the Car-Finder functionality. 

  1. Mark the spot
  2. View the spot

As the venue of the fair which also includes the parking area is already known and demarked before the event, the client can upload the designated area for parking into the system. The user, once the vehicle is parked can go to the car-finder functionality in the fair app and mark the spot. Later when it’s time to leave all they need to do is just view the spot from the car-finder again.

Conclusion :

The client implement this Car-Finder feature in the fair app and this enhanced functionality helped the user to get to their vehicle without any hassle.

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