Location : Cochin

Employment Type : Full Time

Work Mode : Hybrid

Experience : 3-8 yrs

Job Code : BEO-3173

Posted Date : 16/05/2023

Job Description


* Angular: has several years of experience with Angular/Typescript development (not React/Vue!)

* API usage: has experience in developing Angular frontends using RESTful APIs

* Work with UX design specifications: can independently build and correct user interfaces on the basis of largely specified UX designs, experience in dealing with figma.

* Working with design patterns: can implement common design patterns sensibly and independently in his work

* Software testing: has experience in actively using testing frameworks in the Angular environment (Cypress, Karma, Jasmine)

Desired Candidate Profile

* Issue Tracker: has experience using Atlassian Jira as an issue tracker

* Revision control: has experience working with Git repositories

* Code Reviews: has experience in conducting and post-processing code reviews

 * Communication: has good communication skills, experienced in using Microsoft Teams

* Opinion: can quickly understand complex technical contexts


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